1. Skillshare

    Skillshare is an education platform that allows anyone to be a teacher.

  2. Uncover

    Uncover gives small to medium-sized businesses the ability to offer perks and rewards to their employees.

  3. Steepster

    Steepster is home to the largest tea community in the world. Discover new flavors, create tasting notes, and even buy your favorite teas.

  4. Quirky

    Quirky is a unique platform that lets ordinary people become inventors.

  5. The Fancy

    Thingd, which is now The Fancy, is a marketplace to discover and buy unique and interesting products.

Smaller Projects

  1. My Blog

    The many faces of my blog. I use it as a space to explore, share, and learn.

  2. Ingrid Kenyon

    Ingrid is a fashion enthusiast who needed a simple blog to showcase her work and her thoughts on the industry.

  3. Mini-site

    This mini-site was used to teach Skillshare students how to code their own personal website.

  4. Photoblog

    Unused now, but my photoblog was used to share my latest photography. It is a custom CMS built from the ground-up.