I moved to Brooklyn in March 2011 to join Skillshare as a Product Designer and their first employee. During that time, I saw the site grow to over 5,000 teachers and the team grow to almost 20. While there, I worked with the rest of the team to design and build out the product. I was in charge of making sure the UI of the product was simple, usable, and consistent. I was also involved in the UX side of the process including wireframing and user testing.

Being the first employee, I had the opportunity to work on the design, the front-end, and small portions of the back-end. I did nearly all of the front-end development on the early versions of the product. Because of our small team, I worked directly with the education team, the community team, and the CEO.

The latest projects I worked on before leaving included the class creator, many aspects of the classroom, and the UI guidelines.

  • The browse page

    The browse page

  • Class creator

    Class creator

  • Checkout


  • Orientation


  • Recommendation email

    Recommendation email

  • Careers page

    Careers page

  • Part of the UI Guidelines

    Part of the UI Guidelines

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