I met one of the cofounders of Steepster while working on another unrelated project with him. After a few months, I learned that the Steepster team was planning to relaunch their monthly tea subscription product, Steepster Select. I worked closely with them on Select and redesigned a large portion of thier existing product.

Steepster Select is a monthly subscription of high-quality teas hand-picked by the Steepster team. It was being relaunched with a new marketing page, checkout process, and an introductory launch campaign. We wanted to make it feel very exciting and clear that this subscription offered the highest quality teas you couldn't get elsewhere.

Alongside Select, I helped clean up the IA and UX issues they had, as well as updated the UI and general style of the product. The tea page, which is the most viewed page on the site, needed restructuring and more of the community aspects brought to the front. Since the Steepster community is so important to the product, we made sure they could easily share their feedback on the new updates.

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